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Foodpanda's Needs

  • 🔴 Targeting: 11 target markets
  • 🔴 Producing: Time and cost for local models from 11 countries
  • 🔴 Editing: Difficulty of reshooting the content
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Fliption's Support

  • 🟢 Targeting: Virtual face per each target segment
  • 🟢 Producing: Produced just one filipino content
  • 🟢 Editing: Flipped the face to virtual Taiwanese and Singaporean

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All tailored to meet fashion retailers' needs. Answer only two questions, AI will make you a virtual model face that can boost your revenue. Just choose your model that your brand deserves.

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Testimonial 01
I'm blown away by how seamlessly your face swap technology integrates with our campaigns! It has saved us so much time and money. Our recent ad looks fantastic, and we didn't have to hire multiple models for different markets. This is a game-changer!
Sarah Johnson - Marketing Manager
Testimonial 01
Your face swap technology is a creative marvel! It's transformed our ability to tailor ads for various demographics without the logistical nightmares of multiple photoshoots. Our clients are thrilled with the results, and we're excited to continue using your service.
David Thompson - Creative Director
Testimonial 01
Efficiency and quality rarely go hand in hand, but your face swap technology nails both. Our online campaigns have been more dynamic than ever, and we've seen a remarkable increase in conversions. It's like having a versatile model who can fit any market's vibe!
Anastasia Dan - E-commerce Director
Testimonial 01
I can't believe how much time and effort your service has saved us. As a small business, we struggled to afford numerous photoshoots. With your face swap technology, we've maintained a consistent brand image across markets. Our customers love the relatability of the models in our ads.
Emily Chen - Fashion Brand Owner
Testimonial 01
Kudos to your team for revolutionizing our ad campaigns! Your face swap technology has enabled us to execute diverse and region-specific ads with ease. Our clients are impressed by the personal touch in each ad, and we're enjoying increased engagement as a result.
Michael Parker - Art Director
Testimonial 01
Your face swap technology is a social media manager's dream come true! We're able to maintain a strong brand presence by adapting our campaigns to various markets swiftly. The authenticity of the ads resonates well with our followers, and the positive feedback keeps pouring in.
Isabella Martinez - Social Media Manager